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Red Gear Racing:

Red Gear Racing has been coaching entry level performance sailors to Olympic Team sailors since 1996. Olympic level coaching has included USA, Belgium, German, China, Cayman Island Olympic Teams, Bermuda, Canada, Bahamas.

The type of boats coaching is done on is unimited but have included large monohulls and multihulls, all makes of small beach cats and dingies.

The level of sailors range from entry level performance sailors thru Olympic Level. Skills worked on include, but are not limited to, boat set up, handling, maintanance, tuning, nutrician, gear, tactics and sailing psychology.

Sailing Resume of

Head Coach Robbie Daniel

Robbie Daniel started sailing at the age of 12. He began wining regattas at the age of 15, winning the Hobie 14 South Florida Championships. Since his first Championship, Robbie has sailed in over 400 events. In addition to racing the Pro-Sail and Top Sail racing circuits and heading up four Olympic Campaigns, Robbie has over 200 first place finishes at various races and Robert (Robbie) Daniel and now remains actively racing and is the Head Coach for Red Gear Racing
2184 Briarway Drive  Clearwater, FL 33763 USA
(727) 734-0799

Sailing Coach skilled at leading teams to achieve high levels of performance in competitions.

Head Coach

Red Gear Racing, Clearwater, FL February 2008 to Current
Launched and built one of the premier multi-hull competitive sailing coaching organizations in the U.S. By introducing a new approach for developing young multi-hull sailors, Red Gear Racing youth athletes won the 2011 Youth Nationals Championship and were chosen to sail in the 2011 Youth Worlds Championship. One of our youth athletes teams finished 12th at the F18 World Championships and were the 2012 F18 Youth World Champions. Another youth team that trained in one of Red Gear Racing’s training camps recently won the 2013 Youth qualifier for the Youth Worlds Championships.

In addition to providing world-class coaching, Red Gear Racing invests in developing the complete athlete. Most of the youth athletes are AP students earning high honors. The unique training approach keeps parents closely connected with planning and supervision of activities including travel. Beyond sailing, racing, academics, and maintaining family connections, Red Gear Racing teaches athletes boat maintenance and repair.

Red Gear Racing currently has a fleet of C2/F18s, Viper/F16s, N15, N17, A Cat, Flying Viper F16 to develop sailors in training camps held all over the US.

Olympic Class Coaching February 1996 to Current
Cayman Island Olympic Tornado Team before and during the 1996 Olympics German Tornado team who won their National Championship and sailed in the 2000 Olympics
Brazilian Tornado team who won their selections and sailed in the 2004 Olympics Belgium Tornado to a second place finish at the World Championships then onto the 2008 Olympics China Tornado team that won their National Championship and sailed in the 2008 Olympics.  Other counties who have worked with Robbie for an Olympic Campaign include, Canada, USA, Bermuda, Bahamas.


N17: 2013 and 2014 US Sperry Team

Tornado: Four-time North American Champion

F18: Five-time and Current 2019 North America Champion

F18: Five-time and Current North American Masters Champion


F18  Two-Time Worlds Masters

F16: Two-time North America Champion; Global Champion

Multihull: US Sailing Champion

Hobie 21: Three-time National Champion

Mystere: Four-time National Champion

Skipper of four U.S. Olympic Campaigns finishing 3rd, 5th, 3rd, and 2nd

17-year Member of the US Sailing Team

Won over 200 titles in state competitions, regattas, and other competitions.

National and International competitions. Listed below are the more prestigious races and national titles and races Robbie has won over the past 10 years.

Year Event - Name - Location

2019 F18 North American Champion - Grosse Pointe, MI


2016 F18 US Nationals - Corpus Christi, TX


2014 N17 World Cup-Gold Fleet Palma, Spain


2014 N17 1st US Boat-US Sailing Sperry Team Member Miami, FL


2013 N17 1st US Boat-US Sailing Sperry Team Member Netherlands


2013 N17 World Cup 8th Netherlands


2013 F18 Americas Masters Champion -Sarasota, FL


2012 F18 Worlds Masters Champion -Long Beach, CA


2011 F18 North American Champion -Hyannis, MA


2011 F16 National Champion Maryland


2009 F16 Global (World) Champion -Gulfport, FL


2008 F18 North American Champion -Pensacola, FL


2006 US Representative at the Pre-Olympics China


2006 US Sailing Team Member 2nd


2006 Alter Cup Multihull National Champion Pensacola, FL


2006 Tornado North Americans 3rd Miami, FL


2006 Hobie Midwinters 1st -Daytona, FL


2006 Summer Sizzler 1st -Daytona, FL


2005 US Sailing Team Member


2004 US Sailing Team Member


2004 Coach at Tornado World Championships Spain


2003 F18 North American Champion - Pensicola, FL


2003 US Representative at the Pre-Olympic Greece


2003 US Sailing Team 1st


2003 Volvo Race of Champions 1st -Germany


2003 Olympic Pre-Trails Rep for USA Athens,Greece


2003 Olympic Pre-Trials 1st -Miami, FL

2003 Tornado North American Champion 1st Houston, TX

2003 F-18 North American Champion 1st -Pensacola, FL

2002 US Sailing Team 1st

2002 Tornado North American Champion 1st Houston, TX

2001 US Sailing Team 1st

2001 Swiss National Championships 2nd -Switzerland


2001 European Championships 9th -Switzerland

2000 US Sailing Team Member

1999 US National Champion 1st -Kingston, CA

1999 US Sailing Team 1st USA

1999 Tornado North American Champion 1st Kingston, CA

1999 Tornado World Championship, 13th/78 Denmark

1999 Kiel Week 8th/68 -Kiel, Germany

1998 US Sailing Team Member

1998 Tuborg Spring Cup 4th/11 -Denmark

1998 Tornado World Championship 24th/77 Brazil

1998 Danish Olympic Spring Regatta 3rd/21 Denmark

1998 Canadian Olympic Regatta 2nd/26 -Kingston, CA

1997 US Sailing Team Member

1997 Miami Olympic Regatta 1st -Miami, FL

1996 Olympic Coach of Cayman Island Sailing Team Savannah, GA

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