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Robbie Daniel BIO:Entering his first regatta at age 12, Robbie Daniel has enjoyed four decades of multihull sailing, racing, coaching, and winning multiple National Titles in multiple multihull classes. As a member of the US Sailing Team for 15 years and an Olympic Level Coach of 24 years, he knows the tacks and tactics of competing at the highest levels. Robbie currently is the Head Coach of Red Gear Racing. Through Red Gear Racing he provides private coaching including Olympic Level racing, and holds Multihull Clinics and Training Camps around the world.

Robbie Daniel is from Clearwater, Florida and has a long history of competitively sailing catamarans as well as coaching a variety of sailors and Olympic Teams. His accomplishments include four Olympic Campaigns, 1999 Pre-Olympic US Representative in Greece and 2006 Pre-Olympic US Representative in China, Olympic coaching experience, US Sailing Team member for 15 years and numerous National and International titles. Robbie was ranked #1 in the US going into two Olympic Trials. Although Robbie was  a top contender for the U. S. Olympic team for more than a decade, his campaigns were plagued with funding issues that  led to crew turnover before his Olympic goals could be successfully completed.


Since campainging, Robbie has coached a variety of teams for several Olympic Games including USA, Cayman Islands, China, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Bermuda and Canada.

Hunter Stunziis from Marblehead, MA, and attends the College of Charleston. Hunter has a strong sailing background including three time member of Collegiate Varsity Sailing Team, two-time US Sailing Team member, 2001 US Youth Multihull Champion, Youth World Championship participant and most recently winner of the 2006 Alter Cup Multihull National Championship with Robbie Daniel. Hunter has also competed extensively in Europe from 2001-2004 as well as completed two Bermuda Ocean Races.

Enrique Rodriquez is a Miami firefighter who trains as a crew back-up for the team. Enrique has sailed one campaign with Robbie and filled in last minute in two other campaigns. He has an extensive Tornado history spanning the last 10 years and is a US Sailing Team member.

Dr. Gary Chu is a Racine, Wisconsin dentist who also trains as a crew back-up for the team. Dr. Chu has 20 years of experience sailing Tornados. He has sailed many races with Robbie as well as previously participated in his own campaign for the Olympics and is a US Sailing Team member .

Jill Nickersonis the team manager and one of the team US Sailing level 3 coaches. She has worked with the team since beginning in 1994. Her managing and coaching experience includes working with several of the international teams in the World team partnership.

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